How We’re Working with Companies to Achieve Sustainability Goals

If there’s one thing for certain here at the Arbor Day Foundation, it’s this: we know trees.

For more than four decades, we have been making the best use of trees as a solution to global issues. Not only do we rely on the support of our nearly one million members, but also the support of our corporate partners to accomplish our mission of inspiring people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. These corporate partnerships are essential for us to be an agent of change—creating high-impact programs that truly make a difference in our world.

How does the Arbor Day Foundation work with organizations?

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We do this in many ways, but it always starts with building relationships and listening to what the company is specifically looking for. As our relationship grows with an organization, they rely on us to help reach sustainability goals. You’d be surprised how often trees tie to corporate environmental initiatives.

For example, we recently worked with a Fortune 500 company to help achieve its carbon reduction goals. This particular organization set a goal to reduce net emissions by 50% from its 2012 level by 2020. We worked with the organization through our reforestation carbon program in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley to retire verified carbon offsets on the company’s behalf.

When you choose trees as part of your carbon offset strategy, the benefits go far beyond just carbon sequestration in the fight against climate change, including: improved water quality, improved air quality, soil stabilization, job creation, flood control, and wildlife habitat. We also work with organizations on watershed restoration projects, paper reduction, and community rebuilds after natural disasters, to name a few.

Along with reaching specific sustainability goals, we work with organizations in other ways as well, such as engaging and celebrating employees, supporting environmental conservation through education programs, and driving and inspiring consumer purchases.

One of our longest corporate partnerships features 25 trees planted for every product sold. Over the duration of our partnership, more than 1.3 million trees have been planted in our nation’s forests. The company uses tree related messaging in its marketing materials and highlights the impact to its customers. This creates awareness for both the corporate partner and the work we do, all the while positively affecting the earth—truly a win-win for everybody.

Reforestation offers a number of benefits other carbon offset programs cannot. Our team is eager to implement any sustainability goals your organization may have. Challenge us to stay creative—we love developing unique programs specific to your company’s needs.

Visit our Corporate Partnerships page to learn more about what our partnerships can look like, or email us at or call 1-877-445-9917.

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