Boulder City, NV

Boulder City has received Tree City USA designation for 18 years.

boulder city nvWith a population of 15,000, Boulder City offers a quaint escape from the chaos of its neighbor to the northwest. Despite a desert climate, locals can stay cool under any of the city’s 1,300 trees, creating tree canopy coverage of 35%.

For tourists looking to take a break from Las Vegas, Boulder City offers hiking trails and outdoor sports, giving more reason to visit. The city’s urban forest saves the community almost $5,000 in air quality improvement annually, removing .3 tons of air pollutants.

In addition, Boulder City’s trees save the community as much as $3,000 in stormwater management by removing nearly 700,000 gallons in stormwater runoff every year. Homeowners appreciate the increase in property value, with benefits reaching $100,000. The replacement value of Boulder City’s urban forest would cost more than $5 million.

Is your city worthy of Arbor Day Foundation #TreeCityUSATuesday recognition?  If so, please tell us about it!

Sheereen Othman

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