Arizona Cypress: The Southern Evergreen

Arizona Cypress

Tolerant of hot and dry conditions, the Arizona Cypress tree is an excellent tree for its native habitat, the southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. It makes a good windbreak, and it is also widely used for soil erosion planting. It is grown as a Christmas tree and used in the landscape as an ornamental.

Here are a few things to note if you’re considering adding an Arizona cypress to your yard.

Environmental Conditions

  • The Arizona Cypress grows in acidic, alkaline, drought tolerant, loamy, sandy and well drained soils (hardiness zones 7-9).
  • Medium growing tree, growing one to two feet a year and reaching 40-50 feet high at maturity.
  • Does best in full sun.

Physical Attributes

  • Soft gray-green foliage.
  • Think, fibrous, coarsely shedding bark.
  • Has a pyramidal shape, serving great as an outdoor Christmas tree.

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