Serbian Spruce: The Balkan Beauty

Picea omorika

serb spruceWith its arching branches and firm trunk, the Serbian Spruce is a living example of grace and resilience. Omorika—a common word in Bosnian and Serbian symbolizing slenderness—is obvious by the thin frame this tree boasts. Adding to it sturdy branches and a tolerance to most urban conditions, the Serbian Spruce is a great landscape tree and fits naturally in buffer strips.

Here are a few things to note if you’re considering adding it to your tree family.

Environmental Conditions:

  • Grows well in acidic, clay, loamy, moist, rich, sandy and well drained soils (hardiness zones 4-7).
  • Slow to medium growing tree, growing up to a foot a year and reaching 50-60 feet at maturity.
  • Does well in both full sun and partial.

Physical Attributes:

  • Has flat needles similar to a hemlock, not four-sided needles of most spruces.
  • Has arching branches with slender straight trunk.
  • Tolerates urban conditions well, is a popular landscape tree.

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