Fall Shipping Starts Today

Today marks the start of fall shipping, which means your young trees are one step closer to arriving at your door step and starting their new life in your yard. Since we ship out by hardiness zones, it may still be a few weeks before some of them arrive. In the meantime, check out Tree Care Tips for Fall Planting to make sure you’re all set to get your seedlings in the ground as soon as they come.

In case it peaks your curiosity, here are the top 10 evergreen trees and shrubs from our nursery that are among the hundreds of trees that will be going out.

Woodward Globe ArborvitaeWoodward-Globe-Arborvitae_1-775[1]






American Arborvitae American-Arborvitae_1-776[1]






Emerald ArborvitaeEmerald-Arborvitae_1-777[1]






Golden Globe Arborvitae Golden-Globe-Arborvitae_1-778[1]






Green Giant Arborvitae Green-Giant-Arborvitae_1-779[1]





Common Boxwood Common-Boxwood_2-797[1]





Korean boxwood Korean-Boxwood_1-798[1]





Green Velvet Boxwood Green-Velvet-Boxwood_1-799[1]





Atlas Cedar Atlas-Cedar_1-806[1]





Deodar Cedar Deodar-Cedar_1-807[1]





What trees are you planting this fall? Tag us in a picture once it’s planted.