National NeighborWoods Month

neighborwoods-full-color[1]Did you know that next month marks National NeighborWoods Month? That’s right, kicking off on the first of October is an annual month-long campaign to plant and care for community trees. What makes this campaign even more exciting is the network of communities across the country that participate in the celebration.

NeighborWoods month is organized by the Arbor Day Foundation and the Alliance for Community Trees (ACTrees) network of local nonprofit organizations throughout the country. Every October tens of thousands of volunteers join together with the shared cause of planting and caring for community trees.

This year marks the 11th year of celebrating NeighborWoods month! Together, Alliance for Community Trees organizations have planted and cared for more than 15 million trees with help from more than 5 million volunteers. It’s incredible what we can accomplish when we work together toward a common goal.

Although everyday should be a celebration of green communities, committing a whole month to the cause raises the discussion and action in local communities by emphasizing that tree canopy protection is a national concern, not just local. There are numerous benefits to participating in NeighborWoods month.

It adds validity and weight to collective efforts, provides an opportunity to both use and acknowledge volunteers, inspires businesses and local government support and can enhance a community’s appearance and reputation. Not to mention the economic, environmental and health benefits communities reap when they have a healthy community forest.

Visit to learn more about local NeighborWoods events in your community.