Wilmington, DE

Wilmington has been designated a Tree City USA community for 22 years and awarded the  Growth Award four times.

Wilmington DEHome to 70,000 residents, Wilmington is a warm community situated at the confluence of the Christina River and Brandywine Creek. Despite its modest size, Wilmington places importance on its urban forestry program, with more than 136,000 trees throughout the city and 16% tree canopy coverage.

Wilmington has a fair ethnic population, contributing to its cultural diversity. You can attend a number of cultural festivals in the summer including Italian, Greek, Polish, or African and enjoy traditional music, food, and activities.  While roaming downtown you’ll appreciate that Wilmington’s urban forest removes 45 tons of air pollutants a year, saving the city $291,000 in air filtration costs. In addition, the city’s trees reduce energy costs by $183,000 annually.

Wilmington’s urban forest has a structural value of $166 million.

Is your city worthy of Arbor Day Foundation #TreeCityUSATuesday recognition?  If so, please tell us about it!

Sheereen Othman


  1. I’ve been “hungry” for precisely this kind of information for reasons of health, beauty, and common sense. Though I lived in the Arizona desert the first 21 years of life, I could hardly wait to move to a place in California where trees, gardens, flowers were in abundance and where there was an educated awareness of the significance of GREENery. 10 yrs ago I had to move back to Arizona.I tried to make the best of it, intending to plant trees, shrubs, flowers, but was shocked that horticulturists, U of AZ agriculture department, city councils, and HOA’s all declared that planting of trees is not acceptable, as it wasn’t “natural” or “native” and would take too much water! With heads in the sand, they were/are blind to the fact that greenery contributes to a healthier,cooler, and less expensive air conditioning from April -October. I appreciate and love the desert blooms in Spring, but I know there can be both native and healthy shady greens.I will be moving back to California with gratitude for the green world I love and respect. I was touched by the information presented in the Logee’s Arbor Day blog and TreeCityUSA. I wanted every person in Tucson to see the graphic illustration showing stark contrasts between a “tree city” and a “no trees allowed city!” Logee’s provides a wealth of information. Thank you.
    Della Verdugo

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