New iPhone App Makes it Easy to Identify North American Trees

The Arbor Day Foundation has developed a new application to make identifying trees even easier for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

 The new application is called Arbor Day Tree Identification Guide: What Tree Is That?, and it’s based on the Arbor Day Foundation’s acclaimed tree identification guide, What Tree Is That? The new application is simple to use helps people identify the species of trees in just minutes. By identifying a few basic characteristics of a tree, such as leaf size and shape and branch structure, iPhone users will be able to determine what type of tree is in their backyard, neighborhood, city park or just about anywhere.


Everyone who uses and iPhone or iPad Touch can benefit from the new application, from amateur conservationists to homeowners to students. With the help of this app, anyone can identify trees that are located in a forest, a park, on a golf course or while walking along shaded-streets.

 The app features the What Tree Is That? advanced botanical illustrations of many distinctive characteristics of more than 250 tree species found in North America. These illustrations are in precise detail to depict natural colors, shapes and textures, making it easy to identify trees.

 The What Tree Is That? application uses a user-friendly, unique step-by-step approach, explaining what to look for while determining the species of a specific tree. Once a tree has been identified, the user can tag the tree at its exact location using the iPhone’s global positioning system. 


Cost for the  application is $4.95 and can be purchased from your iPhone or at iTunes.

 Get the What Tree Is That? application and start identifying your trees today.


Ben is an employee of the Arbor Day Foundation. My favorite types of trees are flowering trees and my favorite tree is the Japanese Red Maple.

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