Happy Arbor Day 2011

Friday is National Arbor Day.  Although many states such as California, Maryland, Missouri, and Oregon have already celebrated Arbor Day, today is the nationally recognized tree planting holiday of Arbor Day. The original Arbor Day was celebrated April 10th, 1872 in Nebraska.  A day where an estimated 1 million trees were planted by individuals and counties in Nebraska.

I am curious what are you doing this Arbor Day to continue this 140 year old tradition? 


Ben is an employee of the Arbor Day Foundation. My favorite types of trees are flowering trees and my favorite tree is the Japanese Red Maple.


  1. I have already planted this year. 2 Plum trees, 2 Mulberry trees, 5 blackberry bushes, and 3 Cherry trees. 2 Pear trees are on order from Arbor Day and they will go in soon.
    Last year 7 Giant thuja and 3 arborvitae. 9 raspberry and 3 blueberry bushes.
    2 yrs ago 3 apple trees
    3 yrs ago 20 feet of privet hedge
    4 yrs ago 7 arborvitae as front yard hedge.
    40 x 100 ft lot w/small home and hoping for a variety orchard.

  2. I am turning our very large yard to a no-grass garden. I have already planted 11 new trees and for Arbor Day I have a goal of planting 3 more, with more to come in the future. Also, my neighbor just had her first child, a little girl, and I am planting a Kwanzan Flowering Cherry in honor of her. Since her parents are quite busy, my husband and I will do the actual planting while the parents supervise! It will go right outside the nursery so the baby can see it-later on, of course!

  3. To celebrate Arbor Day and the preciousness of Earth, I donated 10 trees to Arbor Day Foundation to be planted in needed forests in the loving memory of my little son.

    At the age of four, he had planted his first tree, a Weeping Cherry, at home.

  4. The first Saturday in April my family got to work planting 200 trees on our 4 acre lot. We planted a variety of types, all saplings, and I am hoping they all establish successfully. I hope to add to this 200 over the years.

  5. We are the managers at The Selkirk Motel in Colville, WA! We not only planted close to sixty baby trees ourselves, we are also “housing” three dozen foresty workers at the motel who are hard at work each day planting in our area of NE Washington State!
    We’ve gifted our granddaughter with her own membership and her Mama and Papa have planted all her Bluce Spruce in their yard in Spokane.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share and to plant!
    Paul & Shari

  6. Those trees are planted far to close to the road. And the soil is unually dry, doen’t plant a tree unless it can be watered an inch a week for the next 3 to 5 years.
    Here in Bondurant, Iowa, you declared us a Tree City of America years ago, I douht one percent of the trees planted are alive. They were planted during a dry spell and were never watered, sad to say.

    Leo Kolo

  7. I live in a mobile home park that at one time was quite lovely with lots of grass and trees in Oregon. In the last few years the management has gone on a rampage, encouraging tenants to put gravel in their yards and not allowing any trees over 20 feet to exist…so they have cut lots of trees down. It is just awful and sad. There is a little area of playground that had lots of trees that is now very bare and the hills are no longer populated with trees so the runoff is destroying some of the sidewalk areas. I asked the manager if he would like to put a potted weeping willow tree in that spot because they love lots of water and I was VERY surprised when he said yes! That makes my day! And it will make for a much more beautiful play area.

  8. I am excited to be part of Arbor Day this year! My house was built in what used to be pasture land so there are no trees in my yard. I have woods around the perimeter but the yard is bare. I ordered some trees and I will be planting them Friday! No more treeless yard!!! :)

  9. Today, We will be planting a flowering cherry tree.
    We moved to a farm 15 years ago. Built a home, took down some
    old buildings, removed the old storm torn grove, and have planted hundreds of trees for a windbreak and orchard – some of them from Arbor Day foundation. Now we are at a point in the project that we just plant specimen trees – what ever catches our eye! And this year it is a flowering cherry tree!

  10. The City of Bath,ME, a Tree City USA, is celebrating Arbor Day Week from May 15-21. As a member of the Bath Community Forestry Committee, we will be giving away free trees from the Bath City Nursery. We’re hoping this will be the beginning of a yearly Arbor Day event. The Committee will also be awarding a landscape prize to a deserving business and residential property. Bath is the known as the “City of Ships” so we will be showing a short movie called From “Stump to Ship”, the history of a tree from the forest to it’s destination as part of a great ship!

  11. Following the ten memorial trees donated to Arbor Day, I am awaiting now my ten flowering trees to plant at home.

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