Forsythia mark the arrival of spring

There are two things that you need to know about me.

1) I am a runner.
2) I am not a tree expert.

In both of these areas I am trying to get better.

I really love marathon training. Part of the reason I like it so much is because I get to be outside and explore. Training gives me the freedom to explore quite a bit of different areas, and being on foot gives you a unique perspective to appreciation the things around you. In the car, I don’t take the time to look at what is going on. I am just focused on the task at hand, driving.

Recently, I have been learning quite a bit about types of trees and shrubs and tree care. This new knowledge made me more excited than ever for the trees to start blooming. One of most recognizable shrubs for me early this spring was the Forsythia. The yellow flowers of the Forsythia appeared weeks before most plants even had green buds on them. This was an encouraging sign. The added yellow color in yards was my signal that spring was just around the corner.

Once I noticed the first Forsythia I started pointing them out every time I saw one. Soon it became a big joke around my house to point toa Forsythia and say “Look it’s a Forsythia”.  After noticing several yards that incorporated Forsythias into their shrub landscape design, I determined that the ones I liked best where the landscapes that incorporated evergreen trees and forsythias. The contrast of yellow and green completely stood out as the rest of the natural world stood dormant from winter. One of our free landscape design plans does incorporate this called the Flowering Green Giant.


You can help me out by teaching me about the trees and shrubs in your area.

1) What trees and shrubs in your area are the first sign that spring is approaching?

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2) Share your photos of early spring trees by following these guidelines.


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