Adding Trees and Shrubs to your Garden

Gardening has been a hot topic around my house lately.  The past few summers my wife has been interested in creating a garden but the timing has never been right.  This summer she is determined to make it happen. 

We recently sold our house and purchased a new house, allowing her to fully commit to creating the garden.  She recently order vegetable seeds and is starting to make plans on the location of the raised planter bed in the new backyard.  I reminded her that in addition to the traditional vegetable garden crops that we could add some edible trees and shrubs.  The strong benefit of trees and shrubs besides providing a new source of “groceries” is that we only need to plant them once compared to some vegetables. 

There are many choices that we can make but was reminded by one of her magazines to plant what you will eat.  That narrows down our choices since we are both picky eaters. 

In the end we agreed that we are going to explore finding a space an apple tree

Any suggestions on other fruit trees or nut trees we should add?  We have limited space in our new backyard.



  1. Fruit trees are a wonderful addition to garden landscaping. In determining what to plant, one should choose by the foods they like to eat, or the look they want to create. In regards to the former, pick your fav! Apples, Peaches, Lemons, whatever your heart desires! In regards to the latter, since you have a small yard, you may want to look to a dwarf fruit tree. Not only do these type of trees offer fruit quicker, they also look great in small spaces, or even in large containers. Dwarf citrus trees planted amoung lush evergreens offers the beauty of a Tuscan garden. Enjoy!

  2. Want a unique, beautiful look for your garden? Try Evergreen or Japanese maple trees!

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  4. Many gardeners are interested in fruit trees, but are often unaware of which species will do well and also the amount of work involved in growing tree fruit. Be sure to do your homework in planning a tree fruit planting, as not all tree fruits will do well. Most of the varieties of tree fruits are grafted on dwarfing, semi-dwarf or seedling rootstocks.
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