8 Great All Season Trees

All season trees add a lot of interest to your yard, providing a spectacle of changing colors throughout all four seasons. Here is a pick of 8 great all season trees guaranteed to brighten up your yard.

All Season Trees with Red Flowers

The Prairifire Flowering Crabapple and the Red Dogwood

The Red Dogwood tree has beautiful red flowers in spring while in the summer it provides a good deal of green foliage. In the fall, this tree will have reddish-purple leaves and it can really steal the show in winter when its checkered bark contrasts with the snow! Apart from its beauty, the Red Dogwood tree provides glossy red fruits for the songbirds to eat.

The Prairifire Flowering Crabapple tree is a disease resistant tree which  is a delight in summer with its bright red flowers, while in the summer it has red-maroon young leaves maturing to dark green. Its red-brown bark contrasts attractively with the spring and red-orange fall foliage, while its decorative red-purple fruit is an attractive feature. The glory of this tree makes it a showy landscape choice!

All Season Trees with White Flowers

Sourwood and Cranberry Viburnum

Renowned for its nectar and the honey made from it, the Sourwood tree is a good choice for an ornamental tree. It blooms late, in the mid-summer, with perfect bell-shaped white flowers. This changes to dark green foliage and then into a particularly beautiful kaleidoscope of yellow, red and purple hues in the fall.

The Cranberry Viburnum is a good choice as a screening tree and can provide a good amount of privacy to your property. It flowers in May, with white showy flower clusters up to 4’’ across. This is followed by clusters of bright red fruit which stays on the tree until early winter and which is suitable for jam-making. The cranberry tree has a very colorful maple-like foliage in the fall consisting of yellow, red, orange or burgundy color.

All Season Trees with Pink Flowers

Snowdrift Crabapple and Sargent Cherry tree

The Snowdrift Crabapple is a hardy tree that requires very little pruning. It is a profuse bloomer, with a dense crown of pink flowers that change to snowy white. Following a few weeks of dark green to yellow foliage, the tree produces colorful orange-red fruit which persists throughout the winter and attracts birds. A very good choice of tree to brighten up your landscape.

With its long life span and early flowers, the Sargent Cherry tree is hard to match in terms of visual impact and beauty. In winter the tree bark boasts a lovely reddish-cinnamon color while in the fall the Sargent Cherry tree turns various shades of red, orange and bronze. In spring the tree is characterized by beautiful pink-deep pink flowers.

All Season Trees With No Flowers

Japanese Maple and River Birch

The River Birch is an extremely popular ornamental tree as well as being hardy, fast-growing and wind/ice resistant. Its bark exfoliates in a spectacular range of brown, salmon, peach, orange and lavender hues. Unsurprisingly, it was voted Tree of The Year in 2002 by the Society of Municipal Arborists.

Bright yellow, orange and red are the stunning colors of the Japanese Red Maple tree in the fall. This tree has a unique 7-palmed green or red leaf and requires some pruning to help it develop a strong structure. It is extremely versatile and can grow in a variety of environments and containers.

There are many more all season trees to choose from besides those mentioned in this post. Remember to take into account the size and shape of the tree as well as the environment required before you make your choice.


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  1. I think that people should use more native trees in their yards. Not only does it make it look better, but will help wildlife by giving them natural food, cover, etc.

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