Parks superintendent in Redding, CA an evangelist for community trees

It’s Arbor Week in California, and Redding – a medium-sized city in the Northern reaches of the state – is celebrating by giving away 800 frees trees and shrubs to community members.

Redding is in its 31st year as a Tree City USA. The city-run energy provider, Redding Electric Utility, is an 18-year Tree Line USA, in recognition of its commitment to managing trees effectively.

Paul Anderson, the city’s parks superintendent, wrote in an op-ed this week that Redding planted more than 195,000 trees last year, and plans to plant even more in 2012.

“I consider myself lucky to live in a city that has such a commitment to the environment and to the preservation and continued activity of planting new trees in the community,” he wrote in the Record-Searchlight. “Tree planting is at an all-time high in California.”

The Sacramento River Trail provides a scenic experience for Redding residents and visitors seeking outdoor activities like walking, biking and boating. The photo above features the view from a café at Turtle Bay Exploration Park, which is accessible by the trail.

Anderson said he has seen the direct benefit of trees first-hand, and hopes to continue to convince others of their enduring value.

The majority of the public is not against trees; they are indifferent. They shouldn’t be. Study after study links urban greenery with improved public health, fewer people are overweight, residents are more likely to be more active, children have reduced symptoms of ADD and asthma, and stress levels in all residents are lower.

With local leaders like Anderson, we’re confident that California will have plenty to celebrate for many Arbor Weeks to come.

Photo courtesy of American Trails.

Sean Barry


  1. I see this outside my ndoiwws each morning through the woods! So exciting when the morning sun rises. The red birds show up at the feeders and life begins a new day…I dug out a Willow Oak sapling that I will pass along to someone else. We have several hundred trees on our land and just no room for more. In the 6 years we have lived in this house, we have planted 10 Dogwoods, 2 Japanese maples, 1 Bald Cypress, 1 Cedar and 1 Crabapple tree.

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